Soloist Calibre Violins Built Entirely by Hand

Using the methods and materials of the great Italian masters

Our Process Starts in the Mountains

Kevin Prestwich builds handmade concert level violins based on the works of Strad, Guarneri, and  G.B Guadagnini. He uses well seasoned Bosnian Maple for the backs, rib, and scroll and His own Engelmann Spruce for the top. Well aged European and Red Spruce are available as well. Our varnish is made from Natural resins, linseed oil, and turpentine. All instruments are available for a one week trial period. Current price for violins is $8000. In addition to Kevin’s violins, we also represent the work of other makers past and contemporary. We also do set up, repair, and restoration of all stringed instruments

We Were Featured on KIVI's "Made in Idaho"